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This is post 14 of 14 in the series “Publishing Process” I know this was a bit of an overview more than anything else, but I hope it helps some of you figure out all the stuff you need to do if you want get into doing all of this nonsense for yourself. I know there’s a lot of factors to consider and a lot of decisions to make, but hopefully this helps you make a few of those choices. I’ve been doing this for a few years and things will change again and again, so don’t think of this […]

Marketing: Getting Reviews

This is post 13 of 14 in the series “Publishing Process” While getting your book into the hands of readers is a great way to convince people to take a chance on your books, there is one more thing that you have to still do in order to increase your chance at getting a sale. And it is by far the most frustrating part of publishing. More than dealing with all the files and distribution outlets. More than trying to set up your ISBNs, taxes, and banking information. Probably more than even editing. Reviews. Why you need them This probably […]

Marketing: Paid Services and Free Stuff

This is post 12 of 14 in the series “Publishing Process” So if I don’t like doing the social media thing, what do I do for marketing? What is the thing I’ve tried that actually ends up selling me enough books to buy a coffee or two a month? Paid services Don’t. Just save your money. I have tried a whole bunch of paid services over the years. Twitter campaigns, getting in with a bunch of authors to cross promote, Facebook campaigns, good old ads for authors, all sorts of things. Spent a couple hundred bucks over the years trying them. […]

Hero Complex out now!

You do not talk about heroes, villains, or powers. You do and you will disappear. The Welcoming Committee was a success. New students continued to pour into Larkdale Secondary every week, now all able to easily find their classes, join the clubs they wanted to, and had a support system in case they needed anything. And they nearly stopped getting killed by the city. Nearly. Many of them were restless, unable to even speak freely outside of the club room, and new transfers came with new ideas about how to deal with the problem of Whitten. With Matt still not […]

Marketing: The Numbers, Social Media, and Mailing Lists

This is post 11 of 14 in the series “Publishing Process” Okay. So. Marketing. Let’s get one thing straight. I am not someone to come to for marketing advice. I am awful at marketing, largely because it makes me very uncomfortable. There’s plenty of places that will tell you that these people want your book and you are just helping them find it.  See, I’ll walk into a store to look for pants, but I don’t want the sales associate to help me find them. Get me? So yeah, marketing is not my strong suit. Still, I have to do some of […]

Distribution: PublishDrive

This is post 10 of 14 in the series “Publishing Process” These guys are… new. They are super new. It seems to me that they were originally a service just for small press companies that has decided to now try to capitalize on the indie market. Which I have no problem with, given one of the more elusive locations that they distribute to. File preparation So here’s the thing about PublishDrive. They only accept ePub as a file format. If you want to give them a doc to convert, I’ve heard quotes at $180USD for it. It sounds like they […]

Distribution: Draft2Digital

This is post 9 of 14 in the series “Publishing Process” The next place I go to is Draft2Digital.1 This one just does distribution without a storefront, but it has some pretty fantastic extras. Which we will get into. But first, guess what I have to do again! File preparation Because of the way Draft2Digital does it’s thing, I opt to remove the front and back matter from my books. No title page, and no links at the back! It’s yet another file, but removing things is pretty quick, and then I save my doc. Once that’s done, I get […]

Distribution: Smashwords

This is post 8 of 14 in the series “Publishing Process” So, I go wide, and the first place you want to check out when you’re thinking of going wide is going to be Smashwords. It’s not only another sales channel on its own, but it will distribute your books to other retailers and give you a decent cut of the profits, though there are some hoops. File preparation Yeah, so with Smashwords, on top of all of that preparation you did with your file beforehand, also requires one extra little bit. I take my file and save a separate […]

Another year, another set of plans

So. I didn’t do too badly with last years’ set of plans. With all that in mind, here’s what the plan for the next year is! Publishing! As you can see to the right, I have a schedule currently laid out for the next year. Hero Complex will be out shortly, and then the next Looking Glass Saga book, followed by the first of the White Noise sequels. At least, that’s the plan for the year.1 Be ready for all the books! Also, moving forward, ever book I release is planned to have a print copy released alongside it. Look […]

Distribution: Direct Distribution

This is post 7 of 14 in the series “Publishing Process” All right now that we have Amazon out of the way, time to make this clear. I have been going wide on my distribution, meaning that I put my books out everywhere that I can get away with. Wide distribution is fantastic to reach audiences outside of Amazon’s US market1 and lets me do a lot of interesting things. Financially, it makes the most fiscal sense to publish directly through the individual retailers. This way, you will make the most profit on each sale and you will not have anything […]