Editing Burnout

So after the last update, I do what I usually do when I try to promise a vlogging schedule. I dove head first into work and completely forgot that vlogging is a thing.

Since then, I’ve completely rewritten two books: The Jabberwocky’s Book1 and White Noise. Jabberwocky’s Book is now completely done and ready to go for Jukepop for December, with White Noise on the last couple edits before it will also be ready for whatever I plan to do with it.

And I am exhausted. As many of you know, rewriting is a lot harder than writing. Editing is harder than rewriting. Working on two books at the same time doing these things has been the opposite of a good idea, as it turns out. I thought I’d cut down on the time, since I could work on the rewrite or edit of one while my editor took a look at the draft and then it could just be swapped back and forth. There would always be something to do, which is great!

Except it really isn’t. Writing with the intent to be good at writing takes a lot more out of you than writing to tell a story. Add in the fact that there is no down time while you wait for the other person2 and the fact that White Noise is both heavier and in need of more work and it’s left both of us not wanting to look at anything after this is done for a while.

I thought I could do this. No problem. I’ve been doing so well this year getting things done and being generally far too productive for my own good in getting things written and done. I figured two more would be fine. I’ve been writing while my editor had my stuff. It was just editing two novels at once and it wouldn’t be that bad.

This is never happening again if I can help it because I am not going to be able to bring myself to edit anything for a few months after this. I don’t even want to think about thematic appropriateness and whether characters belong in this scene and whether this even follows character motivations or rules of the universe anymore. I need a break and some fun writing again. I think my editor just needs a break, period.

White Noise is almost done, and when it is I am going to sleep until November. Because in November, Nanowrimo happens and I’ll have new things to edit by the end of it.

  1. The next in the Looking Glass Saga []
  2. I know my editor’s a little burnt out from all this too, so it goes both ways []

Trying out Patreon

I know a lot of people doing the Patreon thing lately and it just got too tempting to go without at least giving it a shot. It seems like just the motivation I’ll need to get everything moving and finished at last instead of just staring at these projects and leaving them in various states of almost completion.

So explaining things.

What is Patreon and why am I using it?

Patreon is a site for folks like me who make creative projects and the fans who want to support those creative projects. It’s a bit like Kickstarter, except that it’s ongoing. You’d donate per book once it comes out and still get access to whatever bonus content that I put up. You’d also get rewards based on donation amount, much like Kickstarter.

I plan to use it to fund novels that I’ve written and really need to get on editing. The promise that there will be people who want to read them when they’re done is enough to get me focused on finishing existing ones instead of starting yet another new one. Not only that, but the tiers would give people a chance to have a little control over what’s to come – whether that’s which book I work on next or the names of a couple characters.

After trying out Jukepop Serials, I’ve pretty much decided that I like serialized fiction but want to do a true serial instead of just a novel released slowly. One of the projects listed on there is a serial where I’d release each episode free and collect the book once it’s done.

Then there’s the book I’m actually releasing on Jukepop and the whole series that comes after Return to Wonderland. And all the novels I’ve written for Nanowrimo that I need to edit. And the novels that I have plans to write but haven’t actually gotten around to writing yet.

If you want to give me a hand with all of this be sure to check me out on Patreon.

I;m going to leave the page up for a week to see if I get any patrons. If anyone ends up being interested, I’ll keep going with it. I kind of hope it works out, though. It seems like it would be a fun way to get all these books written.

The Reading Edit

One of the last rounds of editing: Reading it out loud. It’s horrifically embarrassing if you do it too early on in the writing process, but as I’m just about done, it didn’t turn out too bad. Just a few more tweaks left and off it goes!

You can find the guidelines for the Sword and Laser Anthology here: