Fiction Friday

It’s time for another installment of Fiction Friday!

Include a telepathic parrot in your story.

“Arr! Avast! Port side!”

You don’t actually know how to speak pirate, do you?

“Shut up, stumpy.”

The battle was fully underway, the pirates putting up a fight against an attacking ninja vessel. They were sneaky bastards, but the sea belonged to the pirates. There at the helm of the SS Gonna Kick Your Ass, Azriel the Hatless pretended that she knew what she was doing. Her allegiance was with the cowboys, truth be told, but they were already knocked out of the tournament. The pirates were kind enough to take her for her expert gunmanship and stuck her on a ship with a guide.

They’re getting close! Stop being useless and man the cannons!

Her guide was a parrot with a peg leg, sitting on her hatless head. He may know what he was talking about, but he was certainly the most annoying guide she’d ever had. And she had to deal with the singing swords when she briefly decided to be a knight.

She did as she was told, taking up a torch and setting fire to the canons. They fired at the ninja ship and it collapsed into the waves, a sinking black monstrosity with several black creatures diving and taking to the water. Their flag floated in the wind, but Azriel was ready. The cowboys lost to the ninjas before. She knew what to expect.

What are you doing? the parrot asked as Azriel went to the side of the ship, cutting the net ropes thin and keeping an eye on the water. The ship went down!

“They’re ninjas!”

In pirate!

“They be pirates!” Azriel corrected herself. “The… uh… sea dogs be… oh, screw it, they’re in the water!”

She pointed over at the sea where the ship had sunk. Sure enough, there was a black sea crawling in, and her pirate coach tightened his talons on her shoulder.

This could be bad.

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