Respect Your Fandom

Or, if you must piss off your fandom, make sure they don’t have the internet.

As Wiseau Films is discovering after taking down two videos from popular internet review site,, upsetting even a potential fanbase who is tech savvy is a bad idea. Upon releasing a video mocking the situation and clearly pointing the site’s fans in the direction of the people responsible for the removal of the review1, their Facebook has been flooded and those fans are also presumably flooding the site with emails.

The review in question? It was for a cult classic due to being hilariously awful, The Room.

One of the two reviews removed have subsequently been reuploaded to Youtube2 and are being shared among fans who have started a boycott and have informed Wiseau Films that, while they had been considering purchasing the movie, they now will spend no money on it. They point out that Fair Use places reviews and parody as exempt from copyright claims.

This isn’t the first time there’s been a fan backlash due to copyright. I, myself, will not read Anne Rice due to her attempting to sue fans for writing fan fiction of her works. And there was Metallica and their fans.

Just don’t piss off fans or potential ones. It’s always a bad idea. All press is not good press.

  1. Not that this is necessarily the best move in general. I can see a few issues with harnessing your fanbase’s rage intentionally. Whether this video is an attempt at that, I don’t know, but for those thinking about doing something similar, think really hard before doing so. []
  2. I’m a little disappointed that only one of them was uploaded. I really did like the one by Obscurus Lupa. []

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