About Mediums…

I recently came across an article, 7 Myths about Transmedia, and one of the points stuck out in my mind. Namely the sixth: Everything should go transmedia. While Jonathan did talk about why this should remain a myth, I’d like to expand a little on it.

Speaking as a comic fan for a moment, the comic tie ins to most properties have been fairly awful. It seems like a go to thing to move into and, while I guess it must be an inexpensive move, it’s not usually a good choice. Even if you think your movie would do really well as a comic.

Mostly because it’s not just about getting a property into another medium, it’s about the medium fitting and using the extension to add to the narrative. Just because Hook could have a novel adaptation doesn’t mean that the novel adaptation was necessary. And I hope that I never see a Sex in the City comic.

Although, a Sex in the City issue of Vogue where the magazine pretended to be a part of that universe, with an article from the main character featured in it and playing it completely straight would be wonderful.1

  1. Okay, I have no idea where that came from, but there’s no transmedia stuff I’ve seen directed at adult women, so guys? Might be something to look into. []

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