Video Dilemma

I’m planning on starting a video blog series on here. Something nice and simple, talking about whatever strikes my fancy at the time, with a sporadic update schedule. Unfortunately, I’m encountering a bit of a dilemma. Which player do I use?

I’ve eliminated Youtube1 and hosting it myself using the JW-Player.2 This leaves the two other places I have accounts: Vimeo and Blip.

I know quite a bit about Blip, but is anyone out there very familiar with Vimeo? Is it a good place to do the vlog thing?

  1. Just not a fan of the quality on it when I upload my other videos []
  2. I would probably use up all my webspace in a couple videos. []

One thought on “Video Dilemma

  1. I use Viddler as my primary vid-host… they do alright. No complaints and they let you rattle on for as long as you want (unlike YouTube). As well, the thumbnail they apply to your video is your front-end screen-cap so I like that because I always start on my image/url then move into my title then to the vid so from post to post it looks branded and familiar. YouTube, it’s totally arbitrary, and oftentimes not very complimentary (stupid facial expression, whatever) … you just never freaking KNOW what you’re gonna get as your thumbnail, and they only give you three options for revising it. I hate that because I can’t make the blog post look visually the way I want it too…

    I reco Viddler.


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