Stock: A Story Idea

So I’m lying here with a cotton swab in my mouth to dull the pain of my rebellious wisdom tooth and I suddenly had a story idea. Before we begin, please forgive my spelling. I am without internet and am typing instead on my phone.

The idea. Your normal story follows a series of characters and they usually start fairly stick, developing into complex ones along the way. Usually. What if it happened in reverse?

The story follows a series of characters in a character waiting room scenario where they are main characters in a long running series. They are fully developed and complex already, but they start to notice that their fellow characters are starting to lose personality traits and motivations as the story goes on.

Being in the book is like a job and they are actors in this grand play, as is the case in most of these sports of set ups, but behind the scenes, they imagine there is a creature stealing their personalities, or maybe one of he minors trying to take a leading role by making the mains all dull. They don’t know and are trying to figure it out before they turn completely intuitive stock characters.

In the end, of course, they find its nothing so sinister. Heir writer, after having written so many books and desiring a chance to write something else, has a deadline approaching with this book and is a little blocked.

And hats the idea. It will need a few years to mature, but I rather like it as a base. Although I hope I don’t keep up he trend of interesting ideas while in pain.

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