Extending Hagan Reviews

I am going to assume most of you are not familiar with the Hagan Reviews series. The series follows a woman, Diamanda Hagan, ruler of a fictional country named Haganistan, reviewing obscure films that most people would never touch. The reviews themselves are a lot of fun,1 but the thing I’m going to focus on more is the potential of the narrative that exists and how to use that to extend the videos outwards into other mediums to make it a more immersive experience.

So how to extend it?

Book Extension

I can easily think of three books that could be written around the underlying narrative universe.

The first chronologically would be a journal about someone living in the country while Hagan took it over and became the unquestioned dictator of the land. Hagan could find it in a review and get rid of it as a means of advertising the book. It could be put out as a lost blog, a physical book or published online for download.

Next would be a book about the takeover from the perspective of Hagan and her spin doctors, this time taking a more satirical route2 and making the take over look more like everything was for the best. It would talk about how awesome she is for the most part, as well as the rules that she put in place for the good of the citizens or herself. Finish it off with a minion application form3 and we’re done!

Lastly would be a Minion Guide. It would be a basic rundown of what you need to do as a minion and maybe a couple stories about current minions about how great it is to be a minion. Again, ebook or physical book, it doesn’t really matter which. If it is an ebook, I’d suggest this one have a printable PDF version as well with stripped down content for free.

Minion Packs

Because the universe involves many minions, why not give normal people the chance to apply to be a minion? These would be small cardboard boxes with some basic merchandise in it. A Minion Guide, perhaps, as well as a mask. The Diamanda Hagan book. I know that plushies exist, so if she could make a few of them, maybe one of those so that they would always have a Mistress to worship with them. Shirts. Just, a pack of stuff that all relate to being a minion in the Hagan Reviews universe.

Movie Boxes

I’m kind of in love with the Boxes craze that’s come up and I can see it potentially working here. After the initial Minion Pack, maybe three or four times a year, send out a box of stuff for people who are minions4 to keep people immersed in the experience.

I’ve noticed not only that she seems to like more than a few of the movies she reviews, but also that she seems to be on fairly good terms with a few of the film makers and very supportive o the indie films. In the boxes that follow, if possible, she could get little things from these upcoming indie films to put in them. Trailers, shorts and little merch could all go into these boxes along with a note from the Mistress commanding her minions to appreciate these things.

Also, there’s the opportunity to send them bonus content from the show in the form of deleted scenes, original versions of scripts or other bonus content.

These, of course, could be done digitally instead of physically, but given the narrative of the universe implying that she’s turned it into a dictatorship under an iron fist, a physical brown paper box seems more thematically appropriate.

And that’s what I thought of. Now, I need to catch up a bit.

  1. If you’re okay with a lot of the violence and sex that comes with the films she covers []
  2. Which is much more appropriate for the tone of the show []
  3. Coming back to it []
  4. And charge for them like the other Boxes do []

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