Extending Percy Jackson

So there’s a thing I like to do whenever I finish binge watching/reading/playing a series to make me feel better about the fact that it’s over. I like to think of how there could be more of it for me to find somewhere if I just looked hard enough. And then, to make myself feel more academic about it and like these aren’t the thoughts of someone just sad it’s over, I frame it as a brand extension exercise.

Percy Jackson is one of those properties that I’ve done that for. I know there’s a movie series1 and a second series of books,2 but we’re going to ignore them for now. I had a few ideas for it back before those things.


Easy starting point, right? besides the classic dolls/action figures and stuff with the name on it, there’s also the entirety of the Camp Halfblood brand to play off of. Shirts, camp necklaces3 and little trinkets to mark your Godly parent could be made to bring people into the world. And that’s the non-specific simple stuff.

With a bit of research or clever design, you could make Athena themed puzzles or Hephaestus themed small mechanical projects. Aphrodite beauty supplies. Ares training weapons made of foam. Use the mythology to help come up with further ideas.

Actual Camp

I wouldn’t be surprised if a thing like this already existed. You could do an actual Camp Halfblood that people could send their kids to, framed around the ideas in the book and drawing on it considerably. Each camper would be sorted into their bunk based on which camp program they’d be following, each of which would be different and unique to their chosen Godly parent.

What I mean by that is that it would be several small camps running concurrently with one another under the Camp Halfblood umbrella with chances for crossover. Ares would get a focus on learning weaponry, where Poseidon would be getting more time in the water and Apollo4 would get time with horses. There’s be opportunities to take things outside of their chosen programs as well and they’d have an opportunity to take stuff with campers in other houses, but their focus would be based on whatever their initial chosen parent/program was.

Virtual Camp

There’s also the Pottermore route. I’d opt for a more interactive route than just rereading the books from an alternative perspective and instead set the story after Percy’s story.5

Make it more like an MMO. Let people go and learn and train in the sections of camp. Get interesting quests into the outside world. Have some sort of micro-transaction system so that they can make in-game purchases and help them out in playing the new mini-stories that they can play within the system. Give them a chance to share those achievements with their friends.

And give them camp necklaces. Or, at least, give them access to pay for real ones. Give them an actual necklace to put their bead on and, as they complete stories or quests, give them access to new beads for each completed adventure. It’s such a small thing, but there is just something about having a physical thing that you can feel like you earned that can make the experience so much more rewarding and immersive. Send each item with a note from Chiron to make the experience feel that much more personal.

And that’s what I thought of after I binged on Percy Jackson. I’ll probably do more of these eventually.

  1. Which is terrible []
  2. Which I need the last book of []
  3. We’ll come back to these []
  4. I think it was Apollo before Percy came along []
  5. Still pretending the heroes of Olympus series hasn’t happened at this point []

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