Notebook Tango

So I am a bit of a notebook hoarder. When I go to the bookstore, I always head to the notebooks section and I drool over the books for a good, long while. And then I try my hardest to come up with a reason to get a new one.1 And, of course, this means that I have a bunch of them on my shelf and it was a bit of a mess.

It was time to clean them up, so I finally went through them all and got them together. First was getting them off the damn shelf to see just how many there were and… well, I wasn’t really expecting that I had THAT many.

I needed a system. I always need a system. I hadn’t even looked at half of these since I started actually getting things together and started working on finishing stories. So, naturally, I spent a long time trying to figure out what all the stories in them were2 before splitting them into categories.

Stuff I’m currently working on:



Stuff I want to work on next:


Notebooks for stories that I already had notebooks for:


Blank notebooks I haven’t used yet:


Not actually for projects:


Abandoned stories:


And then throw them all onto the shelf roughly in size order. Because I have no idea what priority any of these go in or when I’ll actually get around to any of them. And by throw, I mean shove them in and pack them so tightly that I can barely pull one out anymore.

And that is the grand tour of my notebooks shelf. Now that I can’t get distracted by that mess anymore, I’m getting back to work.3

  1. I’m only allowed to get a new one if I have a project specifically for that book. Otherwise, no go. []
  2. Adding notes to the stories as I went because I am totally focused on organization []
  3. Or watching Eurovision clips on Youtube. One or the other. []

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