The 2016 To Do List

NaNoWriMo is done! I managed to write two full novels, a bonus short, and worked out a few other things for next year during the month, so I’m pretty happy with myself. I also managed to cause myself quite a bit of wrist pain, but overall I’m pretty happy with things.

It’s also December, which means that I have started coming up with my to do list for the new year. If you prefer, you can think of them as goals or resolutions, but for me, it’s really a checklist of stuff I want to get done next year. And, as usual, it’s a little bit ridiculous.

So what’s the plan?


Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector: Legacy

It’s the last book in the series! I am incredibly excited to have it so close to completion and to be able to reveal a couple of the mysteries that have been in the rest of the series. I’ve got a firm date for release on this one: April 4, 2016.

Changing Tides

I wrote the book for NaNoWriMo in 2014 and it’s the next one on the list. It’s another shot at writing for an older audience, this time in the more familiar Urban Fantasy genre that I like so much. I’m going to need two rewrite and edit and all that good stuff. Hoping to get this out by the summer.

Looking Glass Saga: Book 4

Once a year I’m going to put out one of these. It’s a good pace. We’ll continue Alice’s adventures in and out of Wonderland as everything starts to fall apart even more. Any more than that would be a spoiler, so I’ll leave it at that. This one I’m planning for an October release.

Cloned Evil: First Steps

I have no idea what I’m going to do with this one, to be perfectly honest. I know I’m going to write and edit it, but I don’t have an exact time for the release of it and I think I might actually end up serializing it before releasing it in full to everyone else.


Day’s Work

I was originally planning to release this one this year, but stuff came up and I started to over complicate some matters, so I’m going to instead try and get this one out for the summer. It’s a tie in and companion to the Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector series and it’s one of those fancy choose your own adventure novels that you can play online.

Twisted Eden Alpha

I am not aiming to get all of this done, but I want to have the base of the code for it done this year between all the other projects. I can at least get that much done, and if you want a more in depth look at the process behind actually making this thing, you can check the link for the Facebook page I set up for it. I continue talking on there about the progress.

New Drafts

White Noise Sequels

There are two more books planned for the series. I’ve been changing the plot over and over again, but I think I have the core of it down and I’ll be writing both of them at once as soon as I get a spare month to do that in. With any luck, the whole thing will be out in 2018, but I’ll update you on my progress as I get them written.

NaNoWriMo Novel

I have no idea what this book is yet, but I’m going to do it. There will be a poll showing up in September-ish to vote on which book I end up writing. It’s probably going to be a stand alone this time, though.

Looking Glass Saga: Book 6

Because of how NaNoWriMo goes, this is probably going to be the second book I write in November. Unless something really inspires me and I want to write it earlier, of course.



I am going to give Patreon a shot for a year. I have a lot of plans for it, including a lot of bonus content that I’ve written and never put out for various series, requests, and general nonsense. Of course, I might get no one, but on the off chance I do, that would be pretty awesome.

Syndicate Print Book

As per the poll, I am already working on making the Syndicate book into a print novel. At this point, it is already formatted, the cover has been acquired, and I have ordered a proof copy. I might actually be able to finish this off before January at this rate, but we’ll see.

Buy an apartment

Through a very convoluted series of events, I found out that I can afford a mortgage and an apartment of my very own. This is both terrifying and fantastic, but I’m slowly learning that my obsession with HGTV is not helping me all that much on this front. That show channel has lied to me on the house hunting front.


You can keep up with the list all year over on the page. I’ll also be doing check ins once a month about my progress to keep myself accountable for all of this.

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