That Thing That Guy Talked About Once

I said before that there was a reason that the stories in Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector never seemed to be completely done, then I just stopped in a place where there was kind of an ending but not really.1 Let’s get into that reason.

Like I said before, endings are fascinating to me in that they rarely ever actually are endings so much as break points in stories with so many things that could continue the story, but we don’t continue them because we are satisfied with that much.2 I often wishing the story were being told by a person so I could ask what happened next or for some update on it.

That’s largely where the last story in each of the books came from. There was someone in a bar telling some urban legend they heard from a friend of a friend who would elaborate on prompting if necessary, but ultimately wouldn’t know. Maybe they would elaborate. Maybe they would lie and say they knew more.

From there, I took the idea and ran with it in a lot of different ways. For now, the beginnings and endings. I stopped thinking about the narratives as prose and started thinking about the stories as things you would tell your friends about. If I were going to tell my friends about, say, that time I had to interview a couple of crazy children with superpowers and they dragged me into hell and I had to figure it out via surveillance footage hours later, where would the story start and stop?

While part of it was trying to find a way to make the last story not seem too out of place, I found I really liked the effect of the narrative. It ended up giving this effect3 of a bunch of stories that your friend told you the last time you were hanging out. The way the stories began and ended felt more like urban legends than set in stone text about the universe.

Given the stories are supposed to be about a well kept secret world that coexists within our own, it felt like a very good format. If I can make it seem like all those brick backstreets in Vancouver seem like they were hiding more than they actually were, then that was perfect.4

If that’s where it ended, that would have been great. But I kept thinking about it and I just ended up expanding on the idea.

  1. It was a parallel to what I was talking about in the post, but if I have to explain that then I need to work on my execution. []
  2. I didn’t say all of this, but we’re going to pretend I did to keep me from meditating too much on the nature of endings. That’s another post entirely. []
  3. To me, at least []
  4. And everything in Vancouver is red brick. []

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