The End Came and Nothing Happened

Now that Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector is done,1 I want to talk a lot about it. It’s not one of my more popular series by a long shot. It’s weird and it doesn’t all seem to fit neatly together. There’s questions at the end of it that are never fully resolved. Hell, there’s something called The End in the series that’s alluded to over and over again that never gets a resolution.

Let me make you angry. That was intentional.

The whole series was a way for me to play around with a lot of concepts in stories and narrative that most other people really don’t like. None of them are books you can sit down and read from beginning to end and leave with a sense you got the whole story. The shorts have these dangling threads at the ends that hint at a story that is still to come. Even those stories that stretch into two or three more shorts don’t wrap everything up nicely in the end. On top of that, things aren’t always in their proper order, leaving the reader with a mess of stories that all take place in the same area and have a few characters to connect them, but no idea what they are supposed to do with all of them.

Let’s start with talking about endings in general. I’m fascinated with the idea that fiction has to wrap everything up neatly and that there is a definite ending to anything. So often, I’ve read stories where the main character will have a breaking point in their story2 that isn’t actually an end. On top of that, the effects of the climax are never fully addressed or even acknowledged for the most part.3

With Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector, I decided to play around with how the endings worked. The beginnings too, to an extent. Normally a short story is meant to be self contained. They have a proper beginning, middle, and end. While all of the stories in the series definitely had a middle, the beginnings and endings were much less defined, with many just starting and ending in strange places with things left open.4

There are endings of a sort. There are some things wrapped up. Some questions answered. But I’m very aware of all the questions that have been left behind unanswered. But there is a reason for all of this, and that is twofold.

  1. In the loosest sense of the word []
  2. They won that last fight and hooked up with their love interest and they walk off into the distance []
  3. So how is the city recovering after you blew half of it up? []
  4. We still don’t know if Flint’s still alive from the first book, for example. []

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