When Life Gets You Down

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been around very much. Sure, posts have been going up, but the vlogs stopped and I’m just talking about stuff that I finished writing months ago. I all but vanished off of social media and I haven’t really done much since that one NetGalley run a few months ago. So what the heck happened?

Short answer: I burned out.

I managed to put out 13 books since October 2013 and that pace finally caught up to me. I was rewriting Changing Tides and I just shut down writing-wise. I couldn’t keep going and my mind and body1 were telling me that I needed to take a break, so I took one. It also told me that I really needed to reassess my pace so that I could keep this from happening again.

This year, I need to take it easy. Next year I’m probably not going to go back to the four books a year schedule either.2 Chances are it will go down to three or two a year, though I’ll try to focus a bit more on getting the games into beta. It’s unfortunate, but I’m glad to at the very least to be ready to do some work on the writing again. Even if it’s not necessarily publishing right at this moment.

I’m going to put Changing Tides on the back burner for now and focus my attention on a few other things. I’ll still get the next Looking Glass Saga book out in October, but I don’t see myself getting any other books out for this year. Instead, I’m going to focus on something just a touch more relaxing in an attempt to get myself back in good order at least for November and drafts season.3 And I’m probably going to still try to get those White Noise sequels written. Because, taking it easy or not, this is still me.

So that’s the new plan. Hopefully there won’t be any more burning out and you’ll be hearing from me a lot more in the coming months!

  1. I was also adjusting to a new job and having a few medical issues I won’t go into []
  2. Especially not with the new job. It’s just not going to work. []
  3. And next year, because I have a few things I want to do next year. []

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