Last Words

I know this was a bit of an overview more than anything else, but I hope it helps some of you figure out all the stuff you need to do if you want get into doing all of this nonsense for yourself. I know there’s a lot of factors to consider and a lot of decisions to make, but hopefully this helps you make a few of those choices. I’ve been doing this for a few years and things will change again and again, so don’t think of this as a guide for too much longer.

Do your research, figure out your own strategy, and by all means ask a lot of questions as you go. No one knows everything about what they’re doing, but the folks who have done this a while1 will generally lend a helping hand and be more than happy to help where they can.

Also, here’s a few last bits that didn’t make it into the series:

  • Send out newsletters early in the week on a week day for maximum opens.
  • People don’t buy books on the weekends, generally. Don’t make a push during the end of the week and expect sales on Saturday.
  • You are not going to make a lot of money unless you spend a lot of money on marketing.
  • There are real people among all the indie authors on social media, but dammit it’s hard to find them.
  • Offering the first book in a series for free is a great way to get readers. In order to do this, you have to go wide for that book and list it for free on an outlet that will allow you to do this2 and then ask Amazon to price match it.
  • Young adult readers appear to be largely in their twenties. Adjust your marketing accordingly.
  • Once it’s in print, stop editing the eBook. Consider it done, walk away, and start working on the next book.
  • You will always have more sales on the first book in a series than the last one.

And remember, this is just how I do things. If you want to chat about publishing, I’m always up for it3 and good luck with any of your plans to venture out into this!

  1. And don’t talk like bots. I will never get over indie pub on twitter… []
  2. I suggest Smashwords []
  3. And considering doing consulting, so if you’re local get in touch []

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