It Came from the Internet: notpr0n

I found notpr0n back in university and it haunted me. It’s not particularily terrifying or anything, mind you. It’s just hard. Eventually. And it robbed me of days of studying. I may even blame it for how poorly I did that first year if you catch me in the right moment. But damn, it was pretty amazing and fun. notpr0n is a puzzle game, calling itself the hardest on the inernet. Each page presents a puzzle and you have to try and figure out how to get to the next page from this one. Some of them are simple as […]

Learning from Literature

I’ve been reading again in that way that makes me want to do a book review. I’ve decided, however, that I shouldn’t be reading at all while I’m writing or editing, simply because I’m worried about the other author’s work is going to bleed into my own and I might accidentally take a good phrase for my own work and horrible consequences will ensue because of it. I like reading, though, and it was hard to keep from reading novels. Sure, I had a few comics to tide my narrative yearnings over, but novels are a whole different experience. As […]

A New Direction (again)

So I’ve been pretty bad at this so far. Honestly, while the subjects I’ve been talking about have interested me, blogging about them in this fashion has been more of a chore than anything else. After some thinking, though, I thinly I have figured it out. No more trying so damn hard. It’s more fun when this isn’t a chore or an item on my to do list. I’m working on a book and a couple new years resolutions. I’m going to use this place to talk about that from now on. And, you know, probably still bring up the […]

A New Direction

There has been a change on the site, as some of you may have noticed. There’s a new layout and there are some things missing. There is a reason for this one. I’m a writer. I’m a web designer as well, but that’s been put elsewhere and I’m going to use this part of the site to be more of a writer. I have a book that I’ve been hesitant to talk about, a lot of writing experiences I want to mention and whatnot because I’ve been worried about things like branding. Now that I’ve separated the two, I’m going […]

Formally Graduated!

Graduated from Tanya L on Vimeo. I say this, of course, because I wanted the floppy hats and capes that the doctorates had. Ah well, maybe in ten years.