Bunches of Themes

This is post 6 of 6 in the series “Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector Retrospective” In the end for Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector, all of the stories were grouped based on a similar theme or idea. I played with a lot of different groupings for them, but in the end I found that thematically made the most sense when you were reading the anthologies.1 The ideas, for those who have not checked them out yet: Syndicate – An introduction to the universe and some basic elements Backstreets – What the backstreets are Office – The Syndicate offices […]

Tagging Narratives

This is post 5 of 6 in the series “Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector Retrospective” Back when I was still sitting on Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector, I talked to the CEO of a company of BookRiff and she presented a very interesting idea that I pretty much immediately took to. The idea of BookRiff, originally, was more academic1 and would allow you to take articles and chapters out of various books and merge them into a different book. Ideally, it meant that students could get cheaper textbooks by only printing off what they needed. I, being someone […]

Not So Linear

This is post 4 of 6 in the series “Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector Retrospective” In all my talking about Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector, I haven’t really talked about on how much I have always wanted to play around with linearity. I do love messing around with linearity, but I have issues with time travel narratives because then you have to deal with time travel rules. If you affect something from the past, does that split off the timeline? Does it change the existing? Does knowing at all pop you into a new one? I liked the […]

He Said, She Said Narrative

This is post 3 of 6 in the series “Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector Retrospective” I’ve been talking about my Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector’s narrative structure a little and how I tried to evoke a feeling of urban legends being told in a bar one night1 rather the traditional storytelling method of making everything feel genuine to the universe. And then I kept going with the idea. I thought about stories I’ve heard my friends tell and there was one more element to it that I was overlooking. If there was a story from, say, a camping […]

That Thing That Guy Talked About Once

This is post 2 of 6 in the series “Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector Retrospective” I said before that there was a reason that the stories in Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector never seemed to be completely done, then I just stopped in a place where there was kind of an ending but not really.1 Let’s get into that reason. Like I said before, endings are fascinating to me in that they rarely ever actually are endings so much as break points in stories with so many things that could continue the story, but we don’t continue them […]

The End Came and Nothing Happened

This is post 1 of 6 in the series “Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector Retrospective” Now that Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector is done,1 I want to talk a lot about it. It’s not one of my more popular series by a long shot. It’s weird and it doesn’t all seem to fit neatly together. There’s questions at the end of it that are never fully resolved. Hell, there’s something called The End in the series that’s alluded to over and over again that never gets a resolution. Let me make you angry. That was intentional. The whole […]

Throwing the Plot Out

So you know how I love plots? There’s a secondary thing I have to mention about that. See, there comes a time when I’m writing that the plot, great as it is, doesn’t work anymore. The characters have become people rather than vague memories of people I knew once that I’ve placed into the story as stick figures to dance at my every whim. When that happens, events start to unfold differently and, a lot of the time, it means that the original plan no longer works. Then I throw out the plot. And that’s totally fine. ((For me, anyway)) By […]

The Joys of Plotting

There’s an old question in the writing community that I think most of us have been asked at least once. Plotter or Pantser? Do you already know your story when you start writing, or do you write without a plan and let the story flow naturally and see where it goes? Pantsers do have more fun. I was a pantser originally and there’s a thrill and joy in just barreling through a story and seeing where it goes. You have a lot more opportunity to be surprised and invested in the story because you are seeing it unfold as you write. Every […]

About That Thousand Words a Day Resolution

It’s almost the new year and it’s the time for people to start setting goals and resolutions for themselves. I have already talked about mine far too much, but there’s another one I see very often around this time of year coming from writers and people who want to get into a better writing habit. I’m going to write 1000 words a day. Now, this resolution is a nice idea with some great foundation. Writing every single day is a good habit and 1000 words is a very manageable goal for a day’s word count. At the end of the […]

The Science in After Destiny: Greenberg’s Syndrome

In the book, there’s a character named Brady who is a seventeen year old kid in the body of a six year old. In part, this was just to illustrate that there’s some side effects to having a pregnancy partially out in the wastelands, but there’s an actual rare condition that has occurred that is related. Brooke Greenberg was diagnosed with something called “Syndrome X” which meant that aged incredibly slowly. It’s a bit of a medical mystery, with only a handful of people developing it worldwide at any given time. Interestingly, their mental states also don’t age, which means it’s […]