The Reading Edit

One of the last rounds of editing: Reading it out loud. It’s horrifically embarrassing if you do it too early on in the writing process, but as I’m just about done, it didn’t turn out too bad. Just a few more tweaks left and off it goes! You can find the guidelines for the Sword and Laser Anthology here:

Editing Pains

Editing is hard. I think anyone who has ever written anything knows that. Recently, though, I have found something even harder than coming up with something better than whatever horrible turn of phrase I used originally and try to figure out what made me think it was any good in the first place. Editing on a time limit. I currently aim to get the whole thing done and in to my editors by March, which isn’t much time anymore. Not now that I have a day job. Oh yeah. I got one of those. Yay! It does eat into your […]

Sites for Writers

It’s time for the inevitable writer’s links post whereby I list a bunch of sites that I like as a writer. I think it’s pretty standard and I should probably get it out of the way now. Let’s get started! Wikipedia Great for the first stage of research. If I ever need to look up the basics of something, I usually check Wikipedia first so I can get a good grip on what the subject is before I go out looking for more information that might not be explained so plainly. Also, it usually has good links to more information. […]

Pantser or Plotter?

There are two types of writers, or so they say. Pantsers and plotters. A pantser is someone who starts writing and keeps writing straight through until the end of the book, making no plans in the mean time and letting the story take them where they will take them. It’s a somewhat stressful, yet still pretty fun way of writing, hoping that you encounter no problems but if you do, you can go with your instinct and keep going as you want. A plotter is someone who plans out their story before they sit down to paper and get writing. […]

Reading While Writing

Reading while you’re writing is a bit of an interesting subject. Reading is a good habit for a writer to have, but on the other hand there are some problems that arise when you write while you’re reading. You could draw too much influence or outright copy something by complete accident. I, however, don’t like to let something like writing stop me from reading. If I did that, I might never actually get any reading done because I’m always working on some narrative project in some form or another. Instead, I’ve found a balance in two forms. First, I don’t […]

Inspiration, Muse and That Other Thing

I wasn’t terribly concerned about being right as a child, I will admit. I was quiet and didn’t ask a lot of questions, finding that the information I wanted usually found its way to me. Those answers that didn’t come to me and I didn’t otherwise find an answer to, I made up answers that made sense to me. Why do I bring this up now? Because I’m going to talk about how my stories happen and I’m going to be talking about things as I came to understand them as opposed to how they’re actually stated in accordance with […]