Stock: A Story Idea

So I’m lying here with a cotton swab in my mouth to dull the pain of my rebellious wisdom tooth and I suddenly had a story idea. Before we begin, please forgive my spelling. I am without internet and am typing instead on my phone. The idea. Your normal story follows a series of characters and they usually start fairly stick, developing into complex ones along the way. Usually. What if it happened in reverse? The story follows a series of characters in a character waiting room scenario where they are main characters in a long running series. They are […]

Video Dilemma

I’m planning on starting a video blog series on here. Something nice and simple, talking about whatever strikes my fancy at the time, with a sporadic update schedule. Unfortunately, I’m encountering a bit of a dilemma. Which player do I use? I’ve eliminated Youtube1 and hosting it myself using the JW-Player.2 This leaves the two other places I have accounts: Vimeo and Blip. I know quite a bit about Blip, but is anyone out there very familiar with Vimeo? Is it a good place to do the vlog thing? Just not a fan of the quality on it when I upload my […]

Respect Your Fandom

Or, if you must piss off your fandom, make sure they don’t have the internet. As Wiseau Films is discovering after taking down two videos from popular internet review site,, upsetting even a potential fanbase who is tech savvy is a bad idea. Upon releasing a video mocking the situation and clearly pointing the site’s fans in the direction of the people responsible for the removal of the review1, their Facebook has been flooded and those fans are also presumably flooding the site with emails. The review in question? It was for a cult classic due to being hilariously […]