Extending Hagan Reviews

I am going to assume most of you are not familiar with the Hagan Reviews series. The series follows a woman, Diamanda Hagan, ruler of a fictional country named Haganistan, reviewing obscure films that most people would never touch. The reviews themselves are a lot of fun,1 but the thing I’m going to focus on more is the potential of the narrative that exists and how to use that to extend the videos outwards into other mediums to make it a more immersive experience. So how to extend it? Book Extension I can easily think of three books that could be […]

Extending Percy Jackson

So there’s a thing I like to do whenever I finish binge watching/reading/playing a series to make me feel better about the fact that it’s over. I like to think of how there could be more of it for me to find somewhere if I just looked hard enough. And then, to make myself feel more academic about it and like these aren’t the thoughts of someone just sad it’s over, I frame it as a brand extension exercise. Percy Jackson is one of those properties that I’ve done that for. I know there’s a movie series1 and a second […]

That Badger is Awesome: Suwappu

I came across this a week or two ago and I have fallen in love with this video. Partially because the narrative is done in a way where I now want to know what the hell is actually going on in the story, and partially because hat badger is completely insane and I love it. About the narrative, though, because I do love some weird narrative, this project looks like a lot of fun and I can sort of understand how it would work.1 Beyond the initial story you get from the toys in the first place and hints to […]

About Mediums…

I recently came across an article, 7 Myths about Transmedia, and one of the points stuck out in my mind. Namely the sixth: Everything should go transmedia. While Jonathan did talk about why this should remain a myth, I’d like to expand a little on it. Speaking as a comic fan for a moment, the comic tie ins to most properties have been fairly awful. It seems like a go to thing to move into and, while I guess it must be an inexpensive move, it’s not usually a good choice. Even if you think your movie would do really […]

I Want to Play

I’ve been rereading Convergenge Culture on the bus of late.1 I haven’t gotten very far yet, but it does start off with this compelling idea of people who are so dedicated to figuring out the ending of reality television that they travel the world and pool their resources in order to figure it all out. Now, I grew up in fandom. None of this is particularly new to me. Fiction fandom does this, non-reality based fandom does this, just not to quite the degree reality shows do.2 No, the whole act of spoiling and the lengths people go to isn’t […]

Old Spice Ads

Participatory culture is a bit of an odd phenomenon. I know about it mostly through Henry Jenkins‘ book, Convergence Culture , but until recently, I’d never seen a very good professional example of it. Sure, there are smaller fan-based works and online series that incorporate this , but that I’ve now found a well done professional example of it, I’m quite happy. I speak, of course, of the Old Spice guy. Those of you who subscribe to him on Youtube will already be familiar with it. He had a wonderful back and forth with Alyssa Milano, after all. He took […]

Straight Cross Media Adaptation and Why You Shouldn’t

aka Stop Copying Yourselves, Guys I’m of the opinion that a straight adaptation does no favours to anyone. From a viewer’s perspective, they look like they’re just trying to cash in on a property without hiring a creative team. From my perspective, most of them also look like they’re saving money by not hiring a few medium consultants to fix the writing. When adapting things across mediums, it’s always important to remember that different mediums allow for different storytelling methods and some methods that work in one don’t work in another. Movies are not comics. Comics and novels have different […]

Star Wars Augmented Reality Game

Has anyone else seen this? Because it’s damn cool. To promote their product, TomTom seems to have only started by harnessing the Star Wars fanbase with their commercials, which feature such amazing things as Darth Vader trying to say “Round about” and force choking the hell out of anyone who dares tell him he’s doing it wrong. But it doesn’t stop there. On top of that, they’ve created an interesting game to go with their contest to win a free one, all based around Star Wars which tests your ability with the force. If you have a webcam, I recommend […]

Westernizing Visual Novels

Japan is weird. It’s just a fact. They’ve given us a lot of weird stuff over the years, from a wide variety of Hello Kitty paraphernalia to… actually, I think I started with the weirdest thing I could think of there. Anyway, it’s a strange place and has spawned a whole genre of animation and even a type of game called a visual novel. Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) books from when you were younger? A visual novel is a game that operates sort of like that. You get a scene with an introduction to the cast, each […]

Don’t Fear the Medium

A large part of what I learned in SIAT was based around this one quote by Marshall McLuhan. The medium is the message. And I’ll be honest, I hated that quote and still get that little flash of red in the back of my mind when I hear it. It was stretched and twisted until it fit with every point that the professor wanted to make, or introduced and quickly dropped at the start of class. By the end of school, it was just a footnote at the back of my mind to be brought up when I wanted to […]