March Update Vlog

As always, it has been a far too busy month. Preorder Legacy Win the Twisted Eden Sector Series THE YASH

January Update Vlog

January had been busy! And less productive than I’d like. The previous post explaining this! Syndicate Now Available White Noise on NetGalley

Vlog: 2016 To Do List

So I’m starting to use my Youtube channel again. Starting with a vlog about that thing I’ve talked about before on here. I’m probably going to be doing all updates about that list in vlog format, so anyone who’s interested in following along, be prepared to see my face a whole lot this next year! I’m also taking suggestions for other video content you’d like to see, so if you have any requests, leave a comment!

Catching Up

Looking Glass Saga on Jukepop Serials Return to Wonderland on Amazon Return to Wonderland on Smashwords Patreon


A very incomplete list of things to remember when submitting your manuscript. This is by no means a complete list.

Where I’ve Been

Just a quick update about where I’ve been the past few months. Plans change and I’ve been adapting as best I can, but I’ll be back and vlogging more regularly. Hopefully there will be some text stuff as well, so stay tuned!

The Reading Edit

One of the last rounds of editing: Reading it out loud. It’s horrifically embarrassing if you do it too early on in the writing process, but as I’m just about done, it didn’t turn out too bad. Just a few more tweaks left and off it goes! You can find the guidelines for the Sword and Laser Anthology here: