That Badger is Awesome: Suwappu

I came across this a week or two ago and I have fallen in love with this video. Partially because the narrative is done in a way where I now want to know what the hell is actually going on in the story, and partially because hat badger is completely insane and I love it. About the narrative, though, because I do love some weird narrative, this project looks like a lot of fun and I can sort of understand how it would work.1 Beyond the initial story you get from the toys in the first place and hints to […]

Learning from Literature: Quiet Climax

Book: Dragon Bones Author: Patricia Briggs Lesson: The climax doesn’t have to be a battle. Dragon Bones is the story of a young man, heir to the keep, who is remarkably dumb and slow witted to all those around him. He’s been playing dumb all these years to keep out of his father, who is now recently deceased and now must prove that he’s not as dumb as he pretends and find a way to keep his inheritance out of the hands of the evil King. The interesting thing about this one was that the climax was set up very […]

It Came from the Internet: notpr0n

I found notpr0n back in university and it haunted me. It’s not particularily terrifying or anything, mind you. It’s just hard. Eventually. And it robbed me of days of studying. I may even blame it for how poorly I did that first year if you catch me in the right moment. But damn, it was pretty amazing and fun. notpr0n is a puzzle game, calling itself the hardest on the inernet. Each page presents a puzzle and you have to try and figure out how to get to the next page from this one. Some of them are simple as […]

Learning from Literature

I’ve been reading again in that way that makes me want to do a book review. I’ve decided, however, that I shouldn’t be reading at all while I’m writing or editing, simply because I’m worried about the other author’s work is going to bleed into my own and I might accidentally take a good phrase for my own work and horrible consequences will ensue because of it. I like reading, though, and it was hard to keep from reading novels. Sure, I had a few comics to tide my narrative yearnings over, but novels are a whole different experience. As […]

About Mediums…

I recently came across an article, 7 Myths about Transmedia, and one of the points stuck out in my mind. Namely the sixth: Everything should go transmedia. While Jonathan did talk about why this should remain a myth, I’d like to expand a little on it. Speaking as a comic fan for a moment, the comic tie ins to most properties have been fairly awful. It seems like a go to thing to move into and, while I guess it must be an inexpensive move, it’s not usually a good choice. Even if you think your movie would do really […]

Editing Pains

Editing is hard. I think anyone who has ever written anything knows that. Recently, though, I have found something even harder than coming up with something better than whatever horrible turn of phrase I used originally and try to figure out what made me think it was any good in the first place. Editing on a time limit. I currently aim to get the whole thing done and in to my editors by March, which isn’t much time anymore. Not now that I have a day job. Oh yeah. I got one of those. Yay! It does eat into your […]

A New Direction (again)

So I’ve been pretty bad at this so far. Honestly, while the subjects I’ve been talking about have interested me, blogging about them in this fashion has been more of a chore than anything else. After some thinking, though, I thinly I have figured it out. No more trying so damn hard. It’s more fun when this isn’t a chore or an item on my to do list. I’m working on a book and a couple new years resolutions. I’m going to use this place to talk about that from now on. And, you know, probably still bring up the […]

I Want to Play

I’ve been rereading Convergenge Culture on the bus of late.1 I haven’t gotten very far yet, but it does start off with this compelling idea of people who are so dedicated to figuring out the ending of reality television that they travel the world and pool their resources in order to figure it all out. Now, I grew up in fandom. None of this is particularly new to me. Fiction fandom does this, non-reality based fandom does this, just not to quite the degree reality shows do.2 No, the whole act of spoiling and the lengths people go to isn’t […]

Sites for Writers

It’s time for the inevitable writer’s links post whereby I list a bunch of sites that I like as a writer. I think it’s pretty standard and I should probably get it out of the way now. Let’s get started! Wikipedia Great for the first stage of research. If I ever need to look up the basics of something, I usually check Wikipedia first so I can get a good grip on what the subject is before I go out looking for more information that might not be explained so plainly. Also, it usually has good links to more information. […]

Old Spice Ads

Participatory culture is a bit of an odd phenomenon. I know about it mostly through Henry Jenkins‘ book, Convergence Culture , but until recently, I’d never seen a very good professional example of it. Sure, there are smaller fan-based works and online series that incorporate this , but that I’ve now found a well done professional example of it, I’m quite happy. I speak, of course, of the Old Spice guy. Those of you who subscribe to him on Youtube will already be familiar with it. He had a wonderful back and forth with Alyssa Milano, after all. He took […]