Updates Galore!

Wow it’s been a while. A whole six months without even a new book out. It’s like I’m trying to take it easy this year or something.1 But, since it’s been so long, some updates are due. Let’s get into them!


I’ve been working on the rewrite of City Without Heroes over on Wattpad. I put out a chapter a week on Sundays2 of the rewritten version. It has not been edited yet, so some changes may still be made between this version and the eventual published version, so check it out!


Since apparently Smashwords changed how they do taxes3 I am starting to put my books up on Smashwords as well! If you had issues with Amazon, now is your chance to get a copy of anything I’ve ever written! Or it will be, just as soon as I get all these books in there.

Going wider!

I’m looking at possibly distributing a little differently though not Smashwords as well4 but have hit a bit of a snag. I signed up for Pronoun, but have yet to receive a confirmation email from them.5 And apparently Draft2Digital has all the ISBNs still stored in the system from back in the day, so I’m having trouble relisting books. Stay tuned we will see what happens!

Print books!

Return to Wonderland is in print! I currently also have a stack of proof copies for the rest of the series sitting on my desk and they will be ready soon. Jabberwocky’s Book and Borrowed, Not Lost will be out in the next couple months.

Upcoming books!

City Without Heroes and Hero Complex will be out by the end of the summer. The rewrite for both books is complete and they are both in editing, so I’m hoping to have the ebooks and the print versions of them out by the end of August. The print books may be a bit ambitious, though.6

The Game!

I’m going to be working on the game again soon as well! I have plans to completely rewrite the little I’ve already done, and then build it out so that it will hopefully be playable in a year. Or, at the very least, I’ll have a couple playable stories to show you guys while I work on the programming.

And that’s just about everything in terms of updates. I want to try and keep a better record of my progress of all of this stuff moving forward, though if there’s anything else you’d like to see from me, let me know!

  1. I am trying. It may not be as successful as I like to think it is… []
  2. Tomorrow! []
  3. As did everyone else, when did this happen? []
  4. Smashwords requires a note saying specifically that it is from Smashwords, which I am not a fan of having in other stores []
  5. I’ve also tried a password reset and checked my spam mail. They just will not email me. []
  6. There’s bonus shorts in the print books, and I do not know how to format bonus content yet. We’ll see. []

Legacy Now Available!


Not all magic is equal. Even hard work and determination is no match for skills passed on from generation to generation, each time being built upon and growing stronger. These old magic families have hoarded their secrets with every generation, using them to get ahead where they could – or leaving a mess for their progeny to deal with as soon as they have passed.

Legacy delves into the people who have had the responsibility of generations passed down to them and how they use their family’s magic with the time they have left. This generation knows that eventually the End will eventually come for them and that they might not have much time to stop it. If they want to stop it at all.

Get it now on Amazon!

Out of Print

I recently went digging to try and find a book I could only vaguely remember from my younger days. I was a teenager and the book was actually in the teens section of the library instead of the adult Sci Fi/Fantasy sections I’d come to frequent back then. I was only just delving into the teens section after reading every Star Wars novel they had and was disappointed by the YA selection of related materials, but I found another book to tide me over at the time.

It was the second book in the series, I remember. Six books total. There were these boys who had crashed on a deserted island, their plane totaled and they soon found they weren’t alone. There was a mad science lab there and strange creatures1 and the boys splitting up was always a bad idea. One of them went rouge, I think. I can’t quite remember all the details. The cover might have been kind of yellow.

I do remember a scene in which a character rather graphically tries to treat an arrow wound to another character. Something about pushing it in and cutting off the shaft of it that I remember more as the feeling I got from reading it than what actually happened.2

I think I’ve finally found that old series. My library only had three or four of the books. They were missing volumes 1, 3 and possibly 4, so imagine how excited I was to finally get a lead on this series that I could remember no specific details from after so many years!3 It’s a series called Escape from Lost Island by Clay Coleman. And now that I’m an adult with my own money to spend, I can finally get the books and read the whole damn thing after all these years!

One problem. It appears to be out of print.

I have tried Amazon and it returned several results that look like they probably are not in actual possession of the book. There appears to be no one who has turned the series into a digital copy so that I can legally download it from anywhere. The internet has not given me a lead yet as to where I can find these books.4

Even now as I make plans to start hunting through used book stores to try and track the books down, I can’t help thinking that this is a problem that’s been mostly eliminated in modern publishing. Almost every book that comes out these days are immediately digitized and put on the ebook stores. There’s print on demand options for books if you can get your print rights back after the publisher decides not to print your book anymore.5 Out of print is becoming a thing that doesn’t exist anymore.

Until this, I’d forgotten how difficult it is to find a book that’s out of print. It’s just something that I forgot could even happen. I am having trouble even tracking down the author on social media. Maybe he’s the same guy that wrote the book on diving, but I really don’t know.

I, for one, am really glad that this isn’t going to be a problem going forward. I like being able to dig up books from my past and rereading them to see if they are like I remember them. In the mean time, though, I am looking up every used book store in the lower mainland and going to try and find these books now that I remember what they are.6

  1. Might have been zombies. Might have been mutants. I can’t quite remember []
  2. I suspect this was what led me to enjoy some of the gorier scenes in novels in the future and why they occasionally come up in my own. []
  3. Seriously, every “Boys plane crash on deserted island novel” search turns up Lord of the Flies []
  4. Not even the… less than legal options are of any help on this one []
  5. And, if all else fails, the pirates will probably have it stashed away somewhere []
  6. At least I think I do. I’m going to be so sad if I track them down and I’m wrong. []

Books as Babies

It’s something I have heard a lot of times before. “My book is my baby.” Some people disagree with this statement. I am one of them. Still, I am willing to figure out a way to make this analogy work.1

The initial idea for a book is like a baby. It’s new and just sprang out of nowhere2 into your lap. It has so much potential and you have no idea what it’s going to become, but it’s yours and you are going to try your hardest to do right by this little adorable thing that you have created. It will be fun to raise and to figure out how to make it into something you can be proud of. You know you can nurture it just right. You might even make a complicated plan to make sure of it.

Childhood is the first draft. You get to play and have fun with your little idea and watch it grow in unexpected ways. All those carefully laid plans you made during infancy are being put to the test as it takes on a life of its own. You talk about it with other parents3 and sometimes go on related blogs and forums when you’re having trouble, but all in all you are still happy with and proud of your little creation. And when it finally graduates elementary school, you take a look back and realize maybe you shouldn’t have had quite so much fun and let it go off wandering quite so often.

And then the teenage years hit with the rewrite.4 At first it seems fine. It’s not so bad. And then you realize that some of the things your poor little idea is doing makes no sense. It doesn’t realize what the implication of its actions are. You start arguing, trying to straighten out as many of these bad habits that it’s developed as you can. Your book resists, of course. But that shirt looks great on me, look how nicely it’s written! That character totally has a place – you always need a musician! You just don’t understand how to use a comma splice anymore, author.

Somehow, your book has graduated and gotten into a nice school where it will live on the campus. This is where your editor(s) come in. You get a break away from your demon creation while someone else helps smooth out the rough edges, you just having to deal with it on breaks, though it seems that the breaks are too long and the time away is too short. You still love the thing, but these new ideas it brings back can be hard to get your head around. You work with it as best you can and try to be supportive. You’re getting tired and really want to see it on its own two feet. You are enjoying the quiet that comes with it no longer being in your hands.

And then it comes back from college, diploma in hand, and you realize just how much you missed it. It’s all done, ready to go. Or so you think. It makes a home in the basement. It doesn’t want to go out and do something with that degree. Do you know how hard it is out there? It could just stay home and play video games and have you take care of it for the rest of its life. It never has to come out again.

That’s when you have to get tough. You pick up your book, you go over every possible thing it could still do and you force it to go out and get a job. You have taken care of it for long enough. You raised it from when it was a little idea and you are proud of it. You do love it. And you know it can do it. It just has to do it somewhere other than your house because it is time, dammit.

On a related note, I’m kicking White Noise out of the house on Saturday. He needs to get a damn job.

  1. Mostly because I am in desperate need of a break from editing. []
  2. We’re going the immaculate conception route on this analogy []
  3. Writers []
  4. Skipping middle school because I have never been and cannot speak for what is surely an awful experience []