Day’s Work Part 2: Find Her Phone

Sorry for the delay! I’m hoping to do this weekly, so check back next Saturday to see what your votes got her next. And if you don’t know what this is, check out the previous post.   The phone would start ringing shortly, but Dawn was already moving to the corner of the room where she’d dropped her clothing from the night before. She sat down in front of it, moving everything out of the way until she picked up the skirt and reached into her pocket to pull out the small device. Well rested or not, it still felt like a […]

Day’s Work – Part 1: Waking Up

While I’m writing the next book, I’m also trying to do some work on the Choose Your Own Adventure tie in. For a little fun, I thought I’d let you guys play along a little. Here’s the first part. Tell me what you want to happen next!   Routine was the only thing that got her out of bed. She’d already waited until noon to finally open her eyes, but it was going to be a long day. She wanted nothing more than to crawl back under the covers and sleep until the next morning. She could already see the fire, the […]

So I looked at Twine…

I have this one story that I’ve been wanting to work on, but there is a major problem with it. It’s not one story. It’s about six. Six to eighteen. And they’re interconnected. I’ve been wanting to build it as a choose your own adventure story of some sort. The structure is essentially one where you would get a passage and there would be links inline so that you can switch perspective and follow different characters as you read, hopping between the stories and discovering what happens to all of the characters. Enter Twine. It’s this fancy Choose Your Own […]