Fiction Friday – A Discovery

It’s time for another installment of Fiction Friday!

A Coming of Age Tale

She hid away in a corner, looking around wide-eyed and terrified. She wasn’t sure where she was or what had happened. A moment ago the castle was being invaded by the humans, the creatures having taken up arms and some of them taking up arts much darker than that. She’d been cornered by one of their wizards as it came after her, cursing that she hadn’t gone through the ritual yet. Without the ritual, she wouldn’t be able to defend herself, no matter how little the creature was.

And now. Now she didn’t know where she was.

The young princess Akosua rested her back into the stone corner, staring out at the world she had landed in. There was odd black stone covering the ground and the walls were made of stone. Odd, but not unfamiliar yet. Then there were the sacks made of something she didn’t recognized with things coming out of it, waste materials that smelled atrocious. There was even a few metal containers that did the same. Metal was so hard to come by, she could hardly believe they weren’t being put to better use. At the edge of the hall she was in there was light coming from torches she couldn’t see and something very familiar. Trees. Maybe she could run through them and hope her father’s men would find her before the humans got to her.

Coming into her little hall, however, she was not so fortunate. There were several humans, all of them looking like barbarians. They wore metal on parts of their body and smelled of alcohol, their hair unlike anything she’d seen and some of their faces painted with war colouring. They were coming for her. She cowered back behind her wings, terrified.

They came closer and closer. She could hear them laughing and talking in a language she didn’t understand. They were coming for her and she knew it.

They drew close enough that one of them leaned back against her and she yelped, her wings spreading and tail thrashing in fear and surprise. The boy who leaned against her flew into the wall and crumpled, the rest of the boys looking on in shock and awe, one of them studdering and pointing.

Ako regarded the boy with her own quiet awe. Draconian women weren’t able to cause harm to any living creature until after the ritual. That was what they’d always been taught, wasn’t it? And yet there was a boy, crumpled to a heap, a bit of blood dribbling down the back on his head and pooling in a stain on his shirt.

The humans. They’d taken over her kingdom, killed her family, set fire to her home. It was time that she took a little revenge for her fallen people.

I’m going to start doing these as first drafts of deleted scenes from various stories I’m working on. “Deleted” meaning scenes that just won’t be making it into the final version. First drafts meaning they aren’t going to be very well written as they’re pretty stream of consciousness.