Cutting Room Floor: The Edge of Wonderland

I am starting to work on the rewrite of the next Looking Glass Saga book, The Edge of Wonderland!1 One of the fun things about going back through the first drafts, particularly one that I wrote several years ago, is finding the strange lines and weird notes I’ve left for myself in the process of writing it.

Commentary about working on vacation:

Yes. Working through the holidays like AMERICA.

I like this, but it doesn’t work where it is:

“No, that’s what plotting sounds like,” Adrianna said. “I know my brothers. I know what them plotting something sounds like.”


In which I notice I haven’t thought things through.

Alice tried to count the doors, but she didn’t know how many. I have really made this house ridiculously huge and will be downsizing it in the future.

Unfortunately, this cannot stay.

Alice got the feeling of royalty from her, but in a different way from the Queen of Hearts. Where the Queen was unhinged and quite probably completely deranged, [she] seemed much more benevolent and willing to not cut off her head or rip out her heart. Alice appreciated that.

Actually, this might stay as well. I loved this movie.

Apparently Santa Claus, who Alice was aware of but never really knew much about, was a child who was raised by fairies and sometimes attacked by monsters. Somehow, this was not in line at all with any of the things that Alice had grown up learning about the figure and they were quickly joined by Ryan, who was quick to point out how completely inaccurate the fairies were, as well as the creatures that they were fighting against. He seemed to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the mythology, but he used it to make the movie a little more entertaining.

Also, I know very little about Christmas.

She’d made cookies and watched more Christmas movies than she’d ever watched or made ever before in the time she was here, as well as helped do more Christmas thing that people do traditionally. Dammit, I really don’t know that much about other people’s traditions. Also, generic hanging out at home stuff. She learned to play video games and she kind of sucks at them, but she can button mash all right. Which she cheats on.

Anyway, Christmas!

  1. Still debating on the title. It may change by the end of this whole rewrite []

State of the Things

I have been busy this last little while and just wanted to take a moment to go through everything happening on the general writing/publishing/getting stuff generally together front. I almost feel like this should become a regular thing with everything that is generally happening.

After Destiny

IT IS REWRITTEN.It’s honestly been more of a slog to get through than I thought it would be and I anticipate a very painful editing process ahead, but the rewrite is done. It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but I forgot how much stuff I needed to change. There really was absolutely nothing worth keeping in the old draft and it was essentially writing it from scratch again.

Add in getting a stupid amount of sick part way through to grind progress down to a halt and, well, the process is just that much more difficult. I deserve a vacation for getting through it all.1

I have learned one very important thing so far from working on this one. I am never going back to a project this old again. I was planning to. I have a lot of old novels that I wanted to revisit and rework, but after this one, I’m thinking I am probably going to pass. I have more recent projects, not to mention sequels,2 that I’d rather get to than do this again.

Looking Glass Saga

Jabberwocky’s Book is out! It’s the second in the Looking Glass Saga, following Return to Wonderland and I’ve actually had it done for a bit. I don’t really know why I held onto it for so long, but it’s out now. For anyone who wanted to know what happened to Alice after the last book, do check it out!


Cloned Evil

I’ve moved off of Jukepop Serials and I’m updating now on Wattpad, since I’ve been getting much better feedback on that site. I’ve been trying to update once every two weeks so far, which seems to be working.

I’m also getting ready to write the next arc just as soon as I finish with After Destiny. It’s been far too long since I’ve written for that series.

White Noise

I still have White Noise up for free on Story Cartel for a couple more days, so please do check it out.

I’ve also worked out a couple pages worth of notes for a sequel, including getting into more back story for a lot of the characters that were grazed over in the previous books. It’s also looking like getting the whole story finished in one book is going to be tricky, so it might end up being a trilogy when it’s all done.

It was only supposed to be a one shot. Really it was. I don’t know how this happened.


I’m calling it that for now, anyway. I put making the framework for the interactive narrative stuff off to the side for a while, both because I was sick and because I really wanted to finish After Destiny. Now that it’s all been settled, I’ll work out which framework I’m going to use for it and get to work on building it.

And now…

I really need to sit down and plan a few things. With all this stuff happening, it feels like I’m missing a couple things in the mess of it all. While I know I’m going to be editing After Destiny as my next thing, I think I need to work out all the stuff that comes after it. Anyone know a good project planning app for Android? I could probably use it right about now.

  1. I’m probably going to loop back around to loving it once I don’t have to work on it anymore. Just you wait. []
  2. But not a sequel for this one. It should stay a one shot. I hope. []