Legacy Cover and Contents

Since Legacy is coming out and I am very excited about it, I wanted to show off the cover a little. Because it is beautiful and it needs to be seen. And because it’s the last cover in the series, which means I won’t be getting any more of these! It’s bittersweet, is what I’m saying. Not all magic is equal. Even hard work and determination is no match for skills passed on from generation to generation, each time being built upon and growing stronger. These old magic families have hoarded their secrets with every generation, using them to get ahead where […]

Revenant by Kat Richardson

First and foremost, I refuse to accept that this is the end of the series. As an end to the arc, it’s perfectly servicable and plenty interesting. As the end of the books all together, no. This time, Harper ends up going to Portugal to deal with Purlis and one of Carlos’ old enemies. The whole story revolved largely around Carlos instead of either Harper or Quinton, getting into how he became a vampire in the first place and taking a look at his sordid past while trying to stop the bone mages from bringing forth a dragon that would […]

Possession by Kat Richardson

In Possession, it is some time later and Harper’s rib is no longer cracked. She is approached by a woman whose sister may or may not be possessed by a ghost, which leads her to several people dealing with the fear of insurance agencies and their own comatose family members who are also exhibiting strange behaviours which turn out to ultimately be the doing of a god that I’ve never heard of1 and Quinton’s dad. Kind of. This book was odd in that I was expecting something more along book 4. In Vanished, everything drove the story toward the climax […]

An Introduction to the Twisted Eden Sector

With Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector now under my name, and Evidence, the fifth book of the series1 coming out on September first, I figured I should at least talk a little about the series. Since I’ve been writing a lot of young adult urban fantasy, the more mature supernatural horror might require an introduction. Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector The magic of the world never really went away. It’s just been hidden, forced into back alleys and out of the public eye for so long that some don’t believe that it ever existed at all. Scattered across […]

Seawitch by Kat Richardson

So Seawitch is both about a boat named Seawitch and about an actual sea witch. Harper has to find out what happened to an old boat that washes up on shore because apparently the Guardian Beast has taken on the role of paranormal boss man now, and teams up with Solis to do it. This series is a very different one from the first five books. I’m really noticing that the mysteries are easier to figure out, even if they are a bit more twisted in family politics than before. Perhaps this is how it always was but now I’m reading those […]

Downpour by Kat Richardson

Downpour is odd in that it feels like there was a long break between writing this one and Labyrinth. I get no answers to the lingering questions that were left at the end Labyrinth. I have no idea what’s happening with the Seattle vampires, or if Edward is even still alive. Undead. The book answers little to nothing left behind, and I’m kind of okay with it. More than that, though, there’s a lot more that feels different about this one. While there are callbacks to previous things from other books, such as the feather from Underground, the rest of […]

Labyrinth by Kat Richardson

Have I mentioned some of this Grey stuff is getting a little convoluted? Because it’s getting a little out of hand. Harper lands back in Seattle and gets pretty much no time to rest before the plot kicks back in. Instead of going home to rest, she immediately goes to see Edward, which I assume is for plot reasons because she’s apparently already exhausted and has decided this is a good idea instead of sleeping. In doing so, she trips over some plot and we end up moving along really quickly after that. The fact that stuff just keeps happening […]

Vanished by Kat Richardson

This book starts out with Harper looking into her past in Los Angeles, which is an interesting look at her history. As it turns out, her Greywalker abilities were from her father and he killed himself after not being able to handle this whole seeing ghosts business. Also, Harper had died once before the start of the series! There are a lot of little relevations, but we don’t get to linger on them for too long. Before going on, I want to make a note on Harper’s mother. Being in dance myself as a kid, I have seen those mothers […]

Underground by Kat Richardson

First and foremost, Will Novak is out of the picture! YAY! You didn’t have a personality, so I’m not going to miss you now that you’re gone! Also, apparently the quickest way to make a guy dump you is to reach into a zombie and rip it apart with your bare hands in front of him. Good information for you all. It’s about bodies that show up in the Underground, which is where Seattle’s homeless live, and those bodies belong largely to Seattle’s homeless population. As it turns out, there’s also a monster that is eating people that is not a […]

Poltergeist by Kat Richardson

This one was so much better than the last one. There was a focus to the whole thing and not nearly as much of this things happening because they needed to happen. There was a much better balance struck between the case and everything else happening in Harper’s personal life. It’s also nice to know that she does have friends, though at this point, I wondered if those were one off characters. This time around, Harper is trying dealing with an experiment at a local university where they have accidentally made a poltergeist that is now killing people in the […]