State of the Things

I have been busy this last little while and just wanted to take a moment to go through everything happening on the general writing/publishing/getting stuff generally together front. I almost feel like this should become a regular thing with everything that is generally happening. After Destiny IT IS REWRITTEN.It’s honestly been more of a slog to get through than I thought it would be and I anticipate a very painful editing process ahead, but the rewrite is done. It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but I forgot how much stuff I needed to change. […]

White Noise Book Trailer

So over the weekend, I decided that instead of working on the rewrite, I would make a Vine-length book trailer, despite not having Vine. Apparently they’re like advertising or something. Enjoy!

White Noise Fanart

I got White Noise fanart. This is Jaime, drawn by Lozchic. She wants none of it. And I am ecstatic!1  That is all. LOOK AT IT! This is the best thing! [↩]

Procrastination and Covers

So I’ve been seriously procrastinating on the rewrite. Obviously. Besides starting to build that project I mentioned1 I keep doing this awful thing and opening up Photoshop. So on the downside, I still don’t have the new book plotted. But on the upside, I know basically what the cover looks like. And I finally have a new title for it! I mean, I know there’s other books using the title, but it fits with mine as well. Oh, but that’s not all. On top of that, I have the cover done for the book next year! Have a sneak peek! […]

Books as Babies

It’s something I have heard a lot of times before. “My book is my baby.” Some people disagree with this statement. I am one of them. Still, I am willing to figure out a way to make this analogy work.1 The initial idea for a book is like a baby. It’s new and just sprang out of nowhere2 into your lap. It has so much potential and you have no idea what it’s going to become, but it’s yours and you are going to try your hardest to do right by this little adorable thing that you have created. It […]